What works best for a Successful Party with Maximum Effect, Fun & Entertainment for everyone!!

We thought we would write down a few useful tips and guidelines to help you organise your special event run smoothly and as stress-free as possible. Not everyone is experienced in planning parties and consequently we are frequently asked for advice & ideas on how to plan an ideal evening. Here are a few suggestions we would like to offer that may help you:

* Arrival time - Performance space - Loading in & out
* Show-time planning
* Avoiding stress & hectic
* Seating arrangements
* Accommodation / Video recording

We usually arrive about two hours before the guests so that everything is ready before they come. It is very important to understand when planning ,that even though we are extremely flexible, we do need enough space to do our show!! It’s amazing how many people don’t consider this factor in their preparations. Our basic requirements will normally be discussed by phone or e-mail. It’s greatly appreciated when we are not asked to be there earlier than is really necessary. After many years of experience and thousands of shows, we know how long we need to get ready! It's important and helpful to us to be able to get as near as possible to the stage/performance area. We'd be grateful if this can be checked in advance as it saves a LOT of time and hassle if we don't have to carry all our equipment half way around the world.

If desired, we can also provide suitable background music to suit all tastes at any time during the evening.
(We always have a massive selection of music of all genres with us!)

From our expansive experience, we have always found that the ideal show-time should be not be too early and not too late, usually shortly after the tables have been cleared after the main course and the guests have had a short pause. It is important, especially for us, to have everyone’s attention. That’s why it’s not in anyone’s interest to perform while people are still eating!!! Of course, there will always be exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking, it’s absolutely better for everyone’s enjoyment when everybody has finished eating and are ready to be entertained!! Starting too late in the evening should certainly be avoided for the obvious reasons

It’s also very important that we are informed about whether other people will need to use the stage area before we prepare anything as it creates difficulties if we build up everything only to have to take it away and then set it all up again! This also causes delays if there is a programme or agenda to be followed.

In the event that we are performing in some form of variety show together with other artists, it is also important to keep in mind, that to avoid unnecessary rushing and hectic, some time is needed for Change-Overs: setting up our props/instruments/mics/cables -this only takes about 4-5 minutes -sometimes less. A short time is also needed for clearing the stage for the next artist/s

Unless there is something else planned in between, the recommended break time between part #1 and part #2 is between 30-40 minutes and should usually fit in perfectly after dessert.

There should certainly be breaks because if there is continually something happening then people get tired and won’t enjoy as much because it is simply too much. Breaks should also not be too long as again people can tire and lose interest and their thoughts will start to wonder to going home.

The secret to a successful party is not too overdo anything. We will sense intuitively what to sing, do or not do, to keep a light and enjoyable mood for your guests (of every age!), and of course we will do our best to fulfil any requests. It is our aim and desire to make your party as special, magical and as unforgettable as possible with as much FUN & LAUGHTER as possible, so we hope these few tips will be of help to you and we look forward to seeing you soon!! One last tip worth keeping in mind:

It´s impossible to explain why it happens, but in fact, it happens frequently that the elderly guests somehow end up being seated closest to the speakers!! This is generally not a good idea and should be avoided where possible-unless they are very deaf.

We are not loud, but to play to a room of 100 or more guests, a certain volume is needed so we suggest that for the comfort of the more mature, consideration should be taken into account with your seating arrangements.

Cheerio for now from Mark´n´Simon.


To avoid complications and misunderstandings we sometimes encounter in Hotels or Guest houses, we would be very grateful if the payment details are explained clearly to the reception BEFORE we arrive. This saves a huge amount of time, phone calls and unnecessary problems. Thank you!


We normally don´t mind people recording our show if it´s for private use only and on the condition that we also receive a copy of the recording..

We always have DVDs with us, which are about 3 hours long (professionally recorded recently) and they are usually available at private functions for a ridiculously reduced price!